Healthy Moving Tips

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Buying, selling and moving house is exciting but can be stressful on your body. If you look at the list of most stressful events that can happen to us through life, you’ll find that moving house ranks right up there with the death of a loved one and changing jobs. Stresses such as these can be harmful to your health.

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Tips for Good Posture

Chiropractic posture checks at Glen WaverleyPoor posture may cause headaches, soreness, back pain and fatigue, by putting pressure on your spine. In many cases, this can be prevented with education about the issue. While it may take some diligence to undo bad habits, it’s worth persevering.

Recently we celebrated World Spine Day in which we highlighted the importance of physical activity and improving posture for good spinal health and prevention of injury.

It is estimated that one in six Australians (3.7 million) had chronic back problems in 2014–15, according to an August 2016 report released by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Chiropractic care 

If you do experience pain due to poor posture, help is available. Chiropractic adjustments aim to free up locked spinal joints enabling better movement and decreased nerve irritation and help re-establishing a natural upright posture.

Once posture has been corrected, it’s important to maintain an upright posture for optimal health. Here’s a few tips to maintain a good posture:

Tip 1 – Sitting 

  • Keep your feet on the floor or on a footrest, if they don’t reach the floor.
  • Don’t cross your legs. Your ankles should be in front of your knees.
  • Keep a small gap between the back of your knees and the front of your seat.
  • Your knees should be at or below the level of your hips.
  • Adjust the backrest of your chair to support your low- and mid-back or use a back support.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground.
  • Avoid sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

Tip 2 – Standing and walking 

  • Bear your weight primarily on the balls of your feet.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Let your arms hang naturally down the sides of the body.
  • Stand straight and tall with your shoulders pulled backward.
  • Tuck your stomach in.
  • Keep your head level-your earlobes should be in line with your shoulders. Do not push your head forward, backward, or to the side.
  • Shift your weight from your toes to your heels, or one foot to the other, if you have to stand for a long time.

Tip 3 – Sleeping 

Even sleeping with a good posture has health benefits for the body. A firm mattress and the right pillow can help encourage your spine to go back into a neutral position – allowing your spine to rest from the day’s exertions.

Tip 4 – Get moving

To help support your good posture, be sure to also build in regular exercise during the week (e.g. walking, cycling, swimming, pilates etc.), This will help to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Until the end of December, Waverley Chiropractic is offering a free Digital Posture Check. Contact 88395364 for your free assessment.

Headache Relief

bigstock_young_business_woman_with_head_18224645How common are headaches? Mt Waverley Chiropractor, Dr Shaun Beovich from Waverley Chiropractic Centre, says that headaches are one of the most common ailments to affect Australians, with between 75 and 90 per cent of the population suffering one or more headaches in any one year.

The range of causes for the common headache varies from neck, sinus, dental and eye problems to metabolic and hormonal disorders.

Because headaches are so common, most people think that getting a headache is a normal part of life.  This is simply not true.  Headaches are a sign that something is wrong.

Chiropractic is fast becoming a recognised health choice in the care of headaches providing a natural, drug free treatment with proven results.

One study, conducted at Macquarie University, specific chiropractic adjustment to the spine significantly reduced migraines in 71 per cent of the people surveyed.  The frequency, duration, severity and amount of medication all decreased markedly.

Essentially, Chiropractic care is effective in headache management because it corrects imbalances in the neck and spine which are often the cause of headaches.  Chiropractors can use specific, gentle spinal adjustments to correct the imbalances to alleviate headaches and can also provide lifestyle advice on helping to prevent their re-occurence.

At Waverley Chiropractic we assess your spinal health and provide the Chiropractic care needed to get you functioning properly again.

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Spinal Health Care For You

waverley-chiroChiropractic care helps the spine and nervous system recover from the effects of injury and stress. Chiropractic is for any man, woman or child seeking better overall health. It is not just for individuals with pain. But, here is a list of conditions chiropractic care is known to help:

  • Neck and Low Back Pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Bulging/Herniated Discs
  • Pain, Numbness and Tingling in Limbs
  • Sporting Injuries

Also cater for:

  • Wellness Care
  • Bulk-billed Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM/EPC)
  • Worcover (work injuries) and TAC (car accidents)

Chiropractic care

At Waverley Chiropractic Centre, we take great pride in providing the finest in science-based chiropractic care for our patients. Dr Beovich delivers effective chiropractic care that helps to rehabilitate your spine and nervous system to further your overall health and wellness. If you’re new to chiropractic, Dr Beovich uses adjustments that are gentle and effective. In fact most of our adult and children patients enjoy the feeling of being adjusted.

Welcome to Waverley Chiropractic Centre

Waverley Chiropractic CentreRestore and maintain a HEALTHY body, optimising your ENERGY naturally by reducing spinal nerve irritation with specific CHIROPRACTIC adjustments. That’s the aim of Chiropractor Dr Shaun Beovich at Waverley Chiropractic Centre in Glen Waverley.

Waverley Chiropractic is located within the multi-award winning holistic clinic, Healthy Energy, 490 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley.

Dr Shaun began his Chiropractic career in Glen Waverley with his father, Dr James Beovich (Chiropractor, Pharmacist and Acupuncturist) in late 1994 after 5 years Chiropractic study at RMIT University and 1 year of Science at Monash University. Dr Shaun was born and bred in Glen Waverley having gone to primary school up the road at St Leonards and then to Mazenod College in Mulgrave. His dad started his practice at home and it wasn’t uncommon to have patients hanging upside down on our monkey bars in the backyard!

Initially Dr Shaun, being into triathlons, touch footy and AFL was heavily involved in Sports Chiropractic, looking after football teams like Mazenod OCFC in the VAFA (his eldest son plays for them now) and State Junior Volleyball teams along with experience at National and International level. In Fiji he also presented to the Fiji Olympic Medical Team on sporting neck injuries.

In 1996 he moved to Fiji with his wife Cara and spent 2 years on the outer islands living in villages and doing volunteer Chiropractic work. The 1st of his 6 kids was born on one of these islands. He then moved to the mainland and set up 2 Chiropractic centres in Sigatoka and Suva, again making it affordable for locals to access quality spinal health care. He wrote a weekly column on natural health in The Fiji Times and The Daily Post newspapers and was often seen on inter-island ferries or in the back of a ute with his trusty portable table.

In 2000 the family returned to Melbourne and he has been with his brother, Chiropractor Dr Mark Beovich at Bayswater Chiropractic Centre ever since. His family has grown to six plus 2 home stay students from China. With this, although still having an interest in sporting injuries, his focus has shifted to babies, children and wellness care.

Underpinning all of this is his faith. Wellness involves Mind, Body and Spirit. Dr Shaun is a Christian and is an active member of The King’s Way Christian Fellowship. Recently he was blessed to be able to lead a mission trip back to Fiji with his family. He is also President of the Parents and Friends Association of his kids school, St Andrews Christian College, which he has been involved with for the last 8 years.