Mt Waverley Chiropractor

Mt Waverley Chiropractor Dr Shaun Beovich from Waverley Chiropractic Centre is now at 25 Mt Pleasant Drive, Mt Waverley. Located on the corner of Waverley Rd and Forster Rd, not far from the Monash freeway.

Waverley Chiropractic Centre is committed to improving your wellness and quality of life by optimising spinal health and reducing interference to the spinal nerves. That’s the aim of Chiropractor Dr Shaun Beovich at Waverley Chiropractic Centre in Mt Waverley.

Mt Waverley Chiropractor

It’s a paperless office with online forms and minimal to no wait times. You can book online at or phone 9581 2624.

Waverley Chiropractic family chiropractor Dr Shaun Beovich has over 24 years experience in treating back pain, neck pain, headaches and more with gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments.

Mt Waverley Chiropractor Dr Shaun began his Chiropractic career in Glen Waverley with his father, Dr James Beovich (Chiropractor, Pharmacist and Acupuncturist) in late 1994 after 5 years Chiropractic study at RMIT University and 1 year of Science at Monash University. His dad started his practice at home and it wasn’t uncommon to have patients hanging upside down on our monkey bars in the backyard!

Initially Dr Shaun, being into triathlons, touch footy and AFL was heavily involved in Sports Chiropractic, looking after football teams like Mazenod OCFC in the VAFA and State Junior Volleyball teams along with experience at National and International level. In Fiji he also presented to the Fiji Olympic Medical Team on sporting neck injuries.

In 1996 he moved to Fiji with his wife Cara and spent 2 years on the outer islands living in villages and doing volunteer Chiropractic work. The first of his 6 kids was born on one of these islands. He then moved to the mainland and set up 2 Chiropractic centres in Sigatoka and Suva, again making it affordable for locals to access quality spinal health care. He wrote a weekly column on natural health in The Fiji Times and The Daily Post newspapers and was often seen on inter-island ferries or in the back of a ute with his trusty portable table.

In 2000 the family returned to Melbourne and he started working with his brother, Chiropractor Dr Mark Beovich at Bayswater Chiropractic Centre. His family has grown to six plus 2 home stay students from China. With this, although still having an interest in sporting injuries, his focus has shifted to babies, children and wellness care.

Underpinning all of this is his faith. Wellness involves Mind, Body and Spirit. Dr Shaun is a Christian and is an active member of The King’s Way Christian Fellowship. Recently he was blessed to be able to lead a mission trip back to Fiji with his family. He has also been President of the Parents and Friends Association of his kids school, St Andrews Christian College, which he has been involved with for the last 9 years.

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