Exercise just 20 minutes good for your back

Following on from 2 recent blogs on inflammation and exercise comes this research found in Brain, Behaviour and Immunity which suggests that just a little bit of exercise has health benefits.

The study found that just 20 minutes of exercise helps to fight inflammation in the body.

47 people walked on a treadmill briskly for 20 minutes and blood samples were analysed before and after. The researchers found that this amount of exercise reduced inflammatory markers in the body.

Previously I’ve spoken about research that suggested chiropractic care for lower back pain reduces inflammatory markers and how just exercising on the weekend can be of benefit. So this study kind of combines the two!

Again the key here is to just do some exercise, no matter how short it is. We’re all stressed for time these days however just a little bit of exercise can impact your health in a good way. Get exercising!


Inflammation and exercise: Inhibition of monocytic intracellular TNF production by acute exercise via β2-adrenergic activation. Stoyan Dimitrova,  Elaine Hultenga, Suzi Honga. Brain, Behaviour and Immunity. Published online 21 Dec 2016.

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