How to avoid back pain

Tip No.2 of how to avoid back pain. Glen Waverley Chiropractor Dr Shaun Beovich recommends stretching as a good way to avoid back pain. In the morning, before and after activity and at the end of the day. Try to include a simple knee to chest stretch. The first thing cats and dogs do when they wake up is stretch. We should do the same. We haven’t been moving for 6-8 hours and so we will be a bit stiff in the morning. So start the day by stretching. Great way to help avoid back pain.

Before any activity, whether it be gardening, sport or lifting, we need to stretch. And then afterwards as well to save your back a good warm down is essential. You see all the top athletes fromm footy, basketball and soccer spending a 15-20 minutes stretching after a game or training. We should do the same.

A great way to finish the day is to stretch before bed. So tip 2 of how to avoid back pain is stretching.

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