Neck pain, headaches with school

Neck pain and headaches due to school-related activities appears to be on the increase according to Glen Waverley Chiropractor, Dr Shaun Beovich. The cause seems to be the use of laptops, tablets and phones by students. With the start of the new school year it’s a good time to get the use of this technology right now.


This technology is definitely good and valuable for the student to use, however excessive use and poor posture may contribute to neck pain, headaches and shoulder discomfort. The underlying cause is forward head posture.


Forward head posture increases the pressure and strain being placed on your neck joints, muscles and ligaments. Over time this may lead to discomfort across the shoulders, neck pain and even headaches.


3 simple tips to help avoid this.:

  1. Limit the use – regular breaks away from the screen
  2. Raise the device up Рlift the device up higher to decrease the time and angle of looking down
  3. Stretch – do the opposite. Look up, bring the shoulders back and do some shoulder shruga and rolls.


Technology is beneficial but for young spines it’s best to get into good habits now. For a free spinal or backpack check-up for your student, contact Waverley Chiropractic Centre in Glen Waverley now on 88395364 or book online at¬†. Check out our Youtube channel or facebook page.

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