Weekend Exercise Not Bad

Great news for all those weekend warriors, who find it hard to exercise regularly through the week. Glen Waverley chiropractor, Dr Shaun Beovich from Waverley Chiropractic Centre reports on recent research that suggests that weekend-only exercise is almost as beneficial as doing it every day.

As a Chiropractor, Dr Shaun has always encouraged exercise for his patients suffering from back pain and neck pain. Your spine loves movement! However with the busyness of today we often struggle to fit in the time to exercise through the week and then try and make up for it on the weekend. Is this good enough?

A recent study of 64,000 people seems to suggest that moderate occasional exercise is almost as good as regular exercise. Of course to be exercising regularly is the ideal however if you can only get out and exercise on the weekend your heart still benefits!

The results showed that the risk of all-cause mortality was 30% lower in adults who did at least some regular exercise (which includes weekend warriors!).

So a good long bike ride, or some kind of sport, at the weekend is enough to stop you from dying early. A little is a lot better than nothing.

Ok, so get going! The new year is young, resolutions still fresh in the mind…get exercising. Good for your back but also your overall health. Check out www.waverleychiro.com.au for more and our youtube channel.



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